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Where to publish: Predatory & Listed/Discontinued

What is Predatory journal?

Predatory journal, according to Jeffrey Beall is a counterfeit journal that mainly exploiting the open access model where the author pays. The predatory publishers are often marketed their journals closely resemble to the legitimate online publishers along with publishing questionable journal with low quality.

Characteristic of Predatory Journal:

  1. Ultimate goal is to make money – not to publish scholarly article
  2. Make a false claim about service offered (peer review)
  3. Use deception to appear legitimate
  4. Exploit the need for academics to publish
  5. Do not follow accepted scholarly publishing best practices
  6. No concerned for quality of work published
  7. Editors do not have expertise in particularly subject
  8. Identify the type of materials

The list of predatory journal can be found here.

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