PERPUN which refers to Persidangan Perpustakaan Universiti dan Negara, is a forum cooperation between all the Head of University Libraries and Director General, National Library of Malaysia. At present, there are 26 institutional members comprises of public universities, GLCs universities and Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. PERPUN has initiated many cooperation projects on resource sharing among its members.



One of the initiatives is MYUShare, an inter-library loan system specifically caters for inter-library loan (ILL) service. ILL is a service which helps eligible patrons obtain materials that are unavailable in their library. MYUShare is a system that replaced the current manual practice of ILL. Every library under PERPUN will appoint their own administrator to have the overall control of the system. Usually, the administrator is the person-in-charge for the IT department in their library. The administrator may appoint a few librarians to be the user of the system. Librarians are the one who process and approve the ILL requests made by the library’s patrons. Patrons may browse other universities’ catalogues, make an online request with their local library, which, acting as an intermediary, places the request, receives the item, makes it available to the user, and arranges for its return.



Students and academic staff are eligible for the service. However, it depends on each library’s policy. The librarian in-charge has the right to reject any non eligible/incomplete application. The ILL service is offered at no cost. With MyUshare, the process time is shortened compared to manual. Thus, it enhances the services offered to patrons. Librarians from a request library can always check their request's status anytime, anywhere.


MyUShare, ILL on the power of clicks