• No student shall possess consume (smoke or chew) or distribute any tobacco products or any related products which has the similar effect, weather in any form of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape or others.

  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library. Only plain water in containers such as spill-proof mugs, sports bottles and water in capped plastic water bottles, is allowed in the library. The library staff may remove any unlidded drink found on tables or desks.

  • Cleanliness must be maintained at all times in or within the library premises.

  • Sleeping is strictly forbidden in the library premises.

  • Silence will be strictly observed in the library. Hand phones should be set to silent mode before entering the library.  Should the user need to answer the phone, please do so outside of the library. Headphone is required when accessing any multimedia content (audio/video) to prevent disturbance to other library users.

  • Any user,
    whose behaviour may be deemed to be disturbing the peace of the Library, may be
    asked to leave the premises.


  • MMU Student Handbook PART II – General Discipline (3)  A student shall not (d) prevent, obstruct or interfere with, or cause to be prevented, obstructed or interfered with, any officer or staff of the University, or any person acting under the direction or permission of such officer or staff from carrying out his work, duty or function, or do any act which may cause such prevention or obstruction;

  • Users of the library should be appropriately attired as stated in University Rules and Regulations.

  • Helmets, umbrellas, raincoats, and packages are not permitted to be brought into the library.  They must be left in the pigeon holes or lockers provided at the entrance area of the library at the user’s own risk.

  • All books and personal belongings must be presented to the staff or security officer at the library exits whenever required to do so.
  • Reservation of a seat is not permitted. Other users have the right to have the seat if it is left vacant for more than 15 minutes.
  • The library will not take any responsibility for any damage and loss of personal items that are left behind/ unattended in the library premises (including 24 Hour Learning Point).
  • Installing or using own extension wire plug is strictly prohibited as to ensure the safety of user’s life, library assets and equipment.
  • Hacking/ vast downloading activities (OPAC, digital library system, document imaging system, online databases, online journals, library homepage, and other library electronic contents/applications)are strictly prohibited.
  • Accessing undesirable Internet sites using library personal computer: streaming and downloading, chatting, printing and circulating undesirable materials and online gaming is strictly prohibited.
  • Installing or customizing any computer programs in Library’s personal computer is strictly prohibited.
  • Members must ensure that items checked out are returned or renewed on or before the due date. Notices sent to the library user through emails serve only as a reminder and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve any library user from paying fines or other penalties as stated in these rules.
  • All services at the Customer Service Counter will be closed 30 minute before the closing time.


The library has the right to ask users to leave the building whose behavior may be deemed as disturbing. 

PART II – General Discipline (3)
(d) prevent, obstruct or interfere with, or cause to be prevented, obstructed or interfered with, any officer or staff of the University, or any person acting under the direction or permission of such officer or staff from carrying out his work, duty or function, or do any act which may cause such prevention or obstruction;

(g) damage in any manner or cause to be damage in any manner, any property or do act which may cause such damage;

i) contravene or fail to comply with any rules and regulations as per Appendix 1 – 

(Student Handbook: 2020)


Library users are fully responsible for any action liable and contravening under the MALAYSIA COPYRIGHT ACT 1987 and MALAYSIA MULTIMEDIA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ACT. 


  • Vandalism (tearing, cutting, scribbling, tempering of library collection) is strictly prohibited.
  • Users are not allowed to remove any library furniture and equipment in the library from their original place including furniture in the 24 Hour Learning Point.
  • Users who are caught defacing, damaging or stealing library properties are subject to the MMU disciplinary action.


All services at the Customer Services Counter will be closed 30 minutes before the closing time.


Cardholder is responsible to notify the library for any changes of name, phone number and address. This can be done through phone call, e-mail and online forms.


Library cards are non-transferable. Cardholders are responsible for all transactions recorded on their names.


All lost or stolen student/staff cards must be reported immediately to the library and Security Division to prevent unauthorized use of the cards. Cards reported as lost or stolen and subsequently found or recovered can only be used by individuals with proper identification.


If an overdue item is not returned, apart from having to pay the fines, the borrowing privileges will also be suspended after one month from the due date. The suspension will remain in effect start from report date until the item is returned or replaced within one month. All fines must be cleared before privileges can be restored.


Library user is responsible for any item whether it is lost, damaged or overdue. Loaning items to other users has no effect the responsibility of the borrowing person.

When a member is caught for breaching the library rules and regulations, an immediate action will be taken. Members will be issued with a recall notice and all materials must be returned immediately whether it is due or not. Suspension must be served during trimester. If members are debarred at the end of one trimester, they are not allowed to borrow for a period during the following trimester. Members will face the Disciplinary Board of MMU.This policy also applies to all category members.The Library reserves the right to add, delete or amend terms and conditions in respect of the enforcement of penalty points at any time and from time to time.

The library reserve the right to add, delete or amend these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time and prior written notice of the same in such form and manner as determined by the Library shall be given to the library user. 

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