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MMU Digital Theses Online consists of MMU Ph.D and Master Degree theses since 1999 to present. Theses online is a project to create a searchable database of thesis citations with abstracts, first 24 pages and full-text in pdf format. Users will rapidly locate theses by year, faculty, subject (or combination of all) as well as conveniently read or download them from a standard web browser.

MMU MBA Theses Full Text Multimedia University integrates IT and multimedia into every facet of its MBA programme. Our MBA programme offers a choice of seven specializations: MBA(Information Technology Management), MBA(E-Commerce), MBA(Global Marketing), MBA(Multimedia Marketing), MBA(Human Resource Management), MBA(Multimedia Finance), MBA(General Management). This research project or case study is one of the compulsory element (core modules) of this programme. This MBA Research Project listed all the case study or research project since the year 2000. This case study can be accessed by MMU student ONLY (With valid registration on the system). Student can access abstract, 24 pages of the thesis and full-text.

MultiMedia Collection : Video-On-Demand (INTRANET) is an online database that contains information of Audio visual / multimedia collection from Siti Hasmah Digital Library in Cyberjaya and Malacca campus. The aim of this database is to enable the registered members (MMU community) to access the Audio Visual / multimedia collection through online for their learning and teaching purposes. The accessing of this database is restricted under IP control for both campuses in Cyberjaya and Malacca. The AV collection can be accessed by using username and password. User has to register as a member before accessing the database. Those who are already registered in MYTO, they may use the MYTO username and password to access the video-on demand database. Membership is free for MMU community.

Online Database is the online databases available at MMU Library which can be accessed by the members. There are about 60 online databases ready to be accessed at anytime. The online databases provide a wide variety of topics that users can choose to fulfill their information requirements in completing their thesis, project papers, assignments, and etc.

Past Year Exam Papers is a collection of the previous exam papers which are categorized by faculties in Multimedia University. The papers are available on campus or off-campus. To view the papers, student has to use Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7.0 or above) installed on PC. Any registered student of the University is entitled to view the old examination papers that are relevant to their programme of study. All the examination papers made available within this service are copyright to the Multimedia University. Users of this service are not permitted to modify, distribute, publish, transmit or create derivative works of any material found within the service for any public or commercial purposes.

Final Year Project (FYP Collections) consist an undergraduates research works from all faculties in MMU. Only printed copy is available for reference at Research Library.

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