We proudly serve MMU communities free services in term of educating library users, i.e. academician, student, staff, or member of the public, on how to use the library and its services. The main purpose of this program is to build user’s skills in accessing a variety of library resources and to guide users on how to use the resources and services provided by the library. 


  • To expose the library user on what type of library services, facilities and resources available in the Library
  • To guide the library user on how they can use the library services, facilities and resources available in the Library
  • To train the library user to utilize the library resources effectively with correct methods and strategies 
  • To provide the library user with the skills for independent information seeking for their learning, teaching and research process.
  • To encourage the library user to seek the assistance from our library experts.
  • To avoid plagiarism whereby building skills in making citations for every reference made.
  • To build a culture of life-long learning.
  • To assist the instructional, research and development programs of the University. 


This program serves to all new intake students of MMU. Our mission is to ensure that all new students are fully aware of our library services and resources as this module will assists and guide them to use the services and resources. New students can get benefit from attending this class as they will assist them in find resources in the library for their assignments or studies.


Every year we schedule online database training session for all academicians, researchers of MMU and Final Year students. This is to guide them on using online databases subscribed by the library. This training is very helpful for them in finding information from certain databases.


This session is upon request from the user to our library experts. The Info Clinic session is schedule every Thursday in Week 1 and Week 3 of the month. User can request to attend this session by registering at the Library Counter. We only proceed the session if the number of participants are more than five. Siti Hasmah Digital Library provides on-going user education programs and it is offered to all MMU communities.

Siti Hasmah Digital Library

Multimedia University,
Jalan Multimedia,
63100 Cyberjaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours during Breaks & Exam Weeks

Trimester Break:
Weekdays, 9am – 5pm Closed during weekends

Examination Week:
Everyday, 9am – 12am

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